Blatter Re-Elected As FIFA President, Soccer World Is In Turmoil

Blatter Re-Elected As FIFA President, Soccer World Is In Turmoil

Sepp Blatter has been re-elected, but some sort of Cup boycott would be devastating for the betting industry.

Sepp Blatter, the controversial head of FIFA, has been re-elected as president associated with world soccer body that is governing.

This week despite years of condemnation, negative headlines, and the arrests of seven top FIFA officials on corruption charges, Blatter has ignored widespread calls for his resignation.

Instead, he received endorsement from 133 of 209 FIFA member delegates at the company’s annual meeting that is general Zurich and continues to preside over globe football for his fifth tenure.

Their challenger, Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein of Jordan, withdrew following the first round of voting.

‘ For the next four years I shall be in command with this watercraft called FIFA. Beach soccer are played everywhere,’ crowed the 79-old Swiss, amid titters from the press bench. ‘Let’s go FIFA, Let’s go FIFA. Thank you.’


Blatter denied duty for last weeks arrests, the consequence of an indictment that is 47-count in federal court in Brooklyn against 14 people, accused, variously, of racketeering, cable fraud and cash laundering conspiracy.

FIFA officials are accused of accepting bribes worth over $150 million in substitution for providing lucrative World Cup media and marketing legal rights to different companies and football that is national.

Under investigation are the controversial decisions to award World that is forthcoming Cups Russia and Qatar, despite those nation’s spotty human liberties documents and a summer climate in Qatar that produces the hosting of the soccer competition impractical.

Also under scrutiny is the bidding for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

‘ The defendants fostered a culture of corruption and greed that created an uneven playing field for the sport that is biggest in the world,’ said FBI Director James Comey. ‘Undisclosed and payments that are illegal kickbacks and bribes became a means of doing business at FIFA.’

Could UEFA Boycott World Cup?

Michel Platini, mind of the European soccer governing body UEFA, stated he would not rule out a European boycott of the 2018 World Cup in Russia should Blatter be re-elected. His reviews were echoed by the pinnacle of the English football association Greg Dyke.

‘There would be no point England that is pulling out everybody else remains in,’ Dyke told Sky Sports. ‘It would have no effect. It would you should be forgotten. But if you could out pull UEFA, that could have an effect. If Blatter gets re-elected, then that must be discussed.

‘ I thought the evidence the Americans produced was devastating and I also don’t think Blatter can survive that,’ he added. ‘He may survive this but I don’t think he can survive in the long-term weekend. During their period in charge, the amount of corruption has been unacceptable. It’s simply frightening.’

Bad News For Bookies

Abruptly a partial boycott of the following World Cup has become a very genuine possibility, and that’s bad news for the bookmakers.

The entire world Cup is the single most bet-upon occasion in the world, and final years was the many bet-upon event ever sold.

Well over $1 billion was wagered in the regulated areas during the 2014 World Cup, and billions more on the unregulated markets across Asia.

Even the Vegas sports books reported the biggest handle ever recorded during the month of June, usually the slowest period of the 12 months.

Nevertheless, in the meantime, never the types to miss a trick, the bookies have slashed their odds on the USA (3:1) and England (25:1) taking the hosting duties of this 2018 World Cup off Russia’s hands.

Canadian Senate Likely To Allow Sports Betting Bill Die

A bill to allow sports that are single-game in Canada is prone to die in the Senate. (Image: Chase Stevens/Las Vegas Review-Journal/AP)

Canadian gamblers in many provinces are free to bet on a selection of activities contests, provided they’re wagering on a parlay: no wagering on the odds of the single game allowed.

There was a bill in the Senate that is canadian that enable for provinces to legalize single-game sports wagering, but it appears more likely to die despite passage in the House of Commons.

The bill first passed through the House of Commons in 2012, after being introduced by MP Joe Comartin (NDP-Windsor/Tecumseh, Ontario).

However, since that date, bill C-290 has languished in the Senate, and even supporters now say that a vote is unlikely there before federal elections.

If the bill had been to go into legislation, it might repeal the long-standing prohibition in the Criminal Code against betting on a single athletic competition or occasion.

Provinces would then have the chance to decide to let gamblers bet on single games.

House of Commons Approved Bill in 2012

The effort seemed to have chance that is fighting 2012, whenever it passed by unanimous consent in the House of Commons.

But subsequently, the Senate has refused to take it up because of significant opposition across party lines, with the resistance that is strongest coming from Conservatives.

According to MP Brian Masse (NDP-Windsor, Ontario), the legislation would permit the federal government to collect revenue rather than criminal enterprises.

‘It’s a windfall for organized crime,’ Masse believed to CBC News. ‘ They will have more days where profits will be through pubs, basements, back streets and nefarious Internet sites.’

Opponents Say Expansion Isn’t Necessary

Opponents state that an expansion would be represented by the bill of gambling opportunities that Canada simply doesn’t need, and that debating sports betting just isn’t a priority for the Senate.

‘If we followed the line of thinking of Brian Masse, we would legalize cocaine and heroin too,’ said Senator Vern White (C-Ontario). ‘Organized crime is performing it, so just why don’t it is done by us too?’

Much like in the United States, the major sports leagues have recently come out against full legalization of recreations betting, including the nationwide Football League, which doesn’t have any Canadian franchises.

On one other side is the Canadian gaming industry, which sees single-game betting as a potentially profitable source of income.

According towards the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA), Canadians bet about C$10 billion ($8 billion) underground on solitary games, along with another C$4 billion ($3.2 billion) via the Web.

They agree with supporters who say that it’s time for Canada to utilize that market.

‘It’s incredibly frustrating,’ said CGA Vice President Paul Burns. ‘It’s a bill the elected officials yes saw merit in.’

Stalling Tactics Common in Senate

The bill will die in case it is not voted on the following month, whenever the Senate rises for the last time before the October 19 federal elections.

It is certainly one of several bills that have observed long delays in the Senate, including legislation that could improve protections for transgendered individuals.

According to some legislators, it has become a common tactic in the Senate, a human body that most are saying should either be abolished or reformed.

‘It’s the same basic tactic,’ MP Brent Rathgeber (Independent Edmonton-St. Albert, Alberta), told Bloomberg. ‘You help it publicly, you support it inside your home. On a day in committee where you hope nobody is looking, you eviscerate it or change it. If you are still maybe not happy with it, you rage the puck and allow time run out in the Senate.’

Chicago Casino Push Started With Rahm Emanuel

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Illinois casino expansion. (

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s quest to create a city-owned casino has begun to collect speed with a public hearing held regarding the issue week that is last.

Emmanuel’s plan would be to build a casino with all profits going to the city, once taxes and running costs have been paid, and it would appear that Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is open to the theory.

Emmanuel sees the casino as a response to a multi-million-dollar public retirement shortfall, while the state sees it as a brief track to a revenue injection that is much-needed.

Supporters have believed that a gambling expansion could bring in $500 million or more per for Chicago and the state year.

‘A casino that is city-owned make sure that all profits are reinvested in Chicago and Illinois residents alternatively of a private, for-profit company,’ said the mayor’s spokeswoman Kelley Quinn.

‘Given that Chicagoans are facing a tax that is substantial needed seriously to meet up with the nearly $600 million additional payment for police and fire pension funds, a city-owned casino is critical to protecting our taxpayers while securing the retirements of Chicago’s first responders.’

Bill Expected Soon

Democratic Senator Terry Link is expected to introduce a casino expansion bill to the Senate Executive Committee shortly. Along with authorizing the Chicago casino, the bill would permit casinos in the city’s southern suburbs of Rockford, Vermilion County and Lake County.

It could also allow smaller ‘satellite’ casinos, with between 400 and 600 slot machines that might be located in Decatur and southern Illinois.

‘we understand the city would quite definitely like to really have a significant casino within the town boundaries, and I also am very open to considering that,’ said Rauner, whenever asked about the Chicago casino’s prospects last week.

‘we want to ensure it’s good for most of the taxpayers and all the citizens, both of Chicago and the state of Illinois, when we now have that discussion.’

Difficult Political Climate

In the current political environment, but, a casino expansion bill may struggle in the legislature, as similar bills have in the past. Two past bills that did make it through were vetoed at the last hurdle by previous governor Pat Quinn.

Meanwhile, Governor Rauner is having a hard time winning help for their spending cuts from a Democratic legislature, even though the competing interests of Chicago’s existing gambling industry, which includes casinos and horse tracks, will make it tough for lawmakers to attain consensus on the issue.

The bill would require three fifths of the vote to pass.

‘ I are going to be very open-minded to working closely using the city and with communities round the state to discuss this video gaming issue and take to to come calmly to some resolution fairly promptly,’ stated Rauner.

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