ASHG is proud to aid National DNA Day through the yearly DNA Day Essay Contest.

ASHG is proud to aid National DNA Day through the yearly DNA Day Essay Contest.

DNA Day commemorates the conclusion associated with Human Genome venture in April 2003 in addition to breakthrough regarding the helix that is double of in 1953.

This competition is available to pupils in grades 9-12 around the world and asks pupils to examine, question, and think on crucial ideas in genetics. Essays are required to be well-reasoned arguments that indicate a deep knowledge of medical principles associated with the essay concern. They have been assessed by ASHG people through three rounds of scoring.

Ancestry testing is a kind of direct-to-consumer genetic evaluation designed to see clients about their genetic ancestry. You can find generally speaking three kinds of ancestry screening: Y chromosome screening, mitochondrial DNA evaluating, and autosomal DNA testing. If somebody did all three ancestry tests, what forms of information could they understand their hereditary ancestry and exactly how performs this hereditary ancestry information compare and contrast making use of their social history (household traditions, etc. )?

Essential Dates

  • Early 2020: Submission site opens january
  • Wednesday, March 4, 2020: Submission site closes
  • Friday, April 24, 2020: champions and Honorable Mentions announced
  • Saturday, April 25, ninjaessays reddit 2020: DNA Day

First Place Winner: $1,000 for pupil $1,000 genetics materials grant

2nd spot Winner: $600 for student $600 genetics materials grant

Third Put Winner: $400 for student $400 genetics materials grant

Honorable Mentions: 10 pupil awards of $100 each

The rubric below is utilized by judges to gauge every essay into the third and second rounds of judging.

Total points feasible:

Criteria Points
Overall precision for the technology content 0-6
Use of evidence meant for an argument/answer; essay well-focused from the question/topic chosen 0-6
composing quality (clear thesis, structure, sentence structure, syntax, spelling) 0-5
recommendations and citations (quality and appropriateness) 0-3

Rules & Needs

  • Essays needs to be submitted with a trained instructor or administrator and published by senior school pupils (grades 9-12) within the U.S. And internationally. Parents may submit essays in the event that student is house schooled.
  • Essays needs to be compiled by one specific pupil; team submissions aren’t allowed.
  • Essays should be in English with no significantly more than 750 terms. Term count includes in-text citations, yet not reference listings.
  • Submissions must not are the student’s title within the essay text. This can help with unbiased judging.
  • Essays must consist of a minumum of one guide. Recommendations must certanly be obviously documented with both citations that are in-text in the sources list. The guide list is individually entered into the “References” portion of the distribution web web page.
  • APA or MLA design can be utilized for citations. There isn’t any limitation as to how references that are many could use, however they should avoid a lot of recommendations, as judges need to know the student’s viewpoint in the concern rather than the viewpoint associated with the resources.
  • Quality of sources is likely to be considered by judges whenever scoring.
  • Only class room instructors qualify when it comes to gear grant.

Please be aware Text from essays might be useful for research purposes to spot misconceptions, misunderstandings, and aspects of pupil curiosity about genetics. Pupil text might be posted in the ASHG internet site, publication, or perhaps in other publications that are ASHG.

Plagiarism shall never be tolerated. The written text of this student’s essay must certanly be his / her very own terms unless quotations are explicitly noted. If plagiarism is suspected during any point associated with competition, the essay under consideration may be analyzed. Essays discovered to retain the work that is uncited of is going to be disqualified while the student’s teacher is likely to be notified. provides a helpful description of just what plagiarism is. Instructors of first-place champions from 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 aren’t entitled to equipment funds in 2019.

Exactly How essays that are many one student submit? Just one entry per pupil.

Exactly exactly How numerous essays can one instructor submit on the behalf of pupils? Each instructor may submit as much as six student essays per class, for approximately three classes.

What exactly are low-quality a sources that are high-quality? A low-quality supply is the one that does not guarantee accurate information, such as for instance Wikipedia. Top-notch sources include research journals, like those available through PubMed.

What’s within the count that is 750-word and what exactly is perhaps maybe perhaps not?

  • All text within the essay, in-line citations/references, headings and games, and image captions are within the word count
  • The guide list may be the text that is only within the term count.

Should references have split web page? The guide list will separately be submitted within the “references” element of the distribution web site. Every thing shall be included on a single page after the essay is submitted.

Can there be a font that is standard margin size preferred? No. When the essay is copied and pasted to the distribution site, it is formatted to suit our standard margins and fonts.

How can I submit my essay if my instructor cannot take action in my situation? Look for every other instructor or guidance therapist at your college who are able to submit for you personally. If this really isn’t an alternative, please e-mail us at

Can my guidance therapist or any other educational college administrator distribute my essay for me personally? Yes.

Can I submit for my pupil that is presently learning abroad? Pupils must certanly be their studies at the school that is same the teacher whom submits their essays.

May I alter information once I have actually submitted? No, please make certain all info is proper before publishing as it is going to be last.

How can the trained teacher attest to the originality of this student’s work? Your submission represents your authentication that the essays will be the initial work of one’s pupils.

We submitted later. Will my essay nevertheless be judged? Later submissions will never be judged.

Where’s the confirmation e-mail? It might take some right time for the e-mail to make the journey to you. For those who haven’t gotten it by the end associated with the time, either look at your junk mailbox or make sure that the e-mail target you supplied is proper. If neither of these options work, email

Summarized here are several of the most typical problems judges note in reading submitted essays.

  1. Too much focus on details. A concentrate on details into the detriment of showing an obvious knowledge of the big image. Judges are much more forgiving of mistakes in details than errors in fundamental principles and bigger some ideas.
  2. Overstating. Sweeping and grandiose overstatements regarding the current/future state and/or energy of biotechnology or biomedical technology.
  3. Inaccuracy in technical language. Judges understand you may not understand most of the “science jargon, ” therefore don’t feel obligated to utilize it.
  4. Not enough in-text citations in, or not enough citations for information that isn’t considered typical knowledge. If you got the information from someplace else, cite the foundation.
  5. Making use of references that are out-of-date. Scientific understanding modifications extremely quickly, and recommendations which can be a lot more than 5 years old are going to have outdated ideas.
  6. Utilizing quotes that are too many. Although periodic usage is warranted, a lot of quotes lead judges to believe mcdougal does not grasp this issue.

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