The Art of Understanding Body Language on a First Date

The Art of Understanding Body Language on a First Date

Joe if you read this; I’m still waiting for our sushi dinner. The reason we don’t meet the right person is often that individuals simply don’t meet enough people. We move around in our ordinary life, work with the same colleagues, do our hobbies, hang out with friends. On a daily basis, we have been just not interacting with enough possible people for a good match. In this aspect Tinder is a real game-changer, you can have three dates in a week, three new exciting guys you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Heck, you can have 30 dates in a week. Only your mental health sets the limit. Tinder Works People do meet on Tinder. I know this. We all know this.

My sister met her boyfriend, soon to be the father of her youngster, on tinder. Neither of them is a crazy serial dater, just two genuine people looking for love. It happens all the time. The success stories are endless in my circle of friends. So now you probably wonder why I’m quitting, all this sounds pretty great, although exhausting. Tinder eventually made me a worse person. All those success stories, yeah, I was happy because of their sake, but it also made me believe that there was clearly something fundamentally wrong with me. I started feeling like Tinder and the universe owed me something.stripchat yuki_ame I amped up my effort. Every success story made me log into my account, made me sweep, chat, meet. I became among those purple-haired, chain-smoking, women gamblers you see in nevada, constantly pulling the arm. Only Iwasn’t addicted to the one-armed bandit, I was addicted to Tinder. I kept swiping, always chatting, always having several new dates coming up. My hopefulness stayed intact.

Every nice photo, every late-night conversation, was enough to have me dreaming. And every first date was (usually) enough to shatter my dreams. Why I Finally Quit After a couple of months, tinder became a chore. I could still feel the gambler’s joy, but that bolt of adrenaline was quickly suppressed by dread. I ignored my dismay and kept pushing. Unfortunately, this stubbornness brought forward another undesired side effects. I became a cynic. On Tinder, you have to deal with the lazy and sometimes outright crazy sides of humankind. Creepy messages, undesired pictures or just the classic ghosting. I had my fair share of canceled dates, unanswered messages, I even received my first ( of many) dick pics! What’s more terrifying, this behavior started to rub off on me. (Well, not the sending of unrequested pictures.). In the beginning, I had promised myself to behave as I would in the real world, with people I actually had to look in the eyes. I wowed to give closure, to answer all messages, to be honest about what wasn’t working for me.

But slowly the Tinder ethics got a grip of me. I just couldn’t keep up. I became nonchalant. When I wasn’t happy with the reply I just unmatched. Tinder also made me increasingly lazy to pursue other venues. I said no to fun social activities because it was better to stay in bed with my tinder and my dreams. I never worked up the courage to talk with the cute guy in my local coffee shop. I didn’t force myself to be brave. I always had a new exciting tinder date coming up. What made me take the final step? Tinder also made me increasingly lazy to pursue other venues. I said no to fun social activities because it was better to stay in bed with my tinder and my dreams.

I never worked up the courage to talk with the cute guy in my local coffee shop. I didn’t force myself to be brave. I always had a new exciting tinder date coming up. It was one particular date, my first really bad tinder date. At the beginning of my foray, i might have just had a laugh, told a couple of friends and moved on. He seemed normal, even funny, over text. We meet at a local bar and settled in for a glass of wine. He spent the first 50 % of the date talking about his exercise regime. He preferred heavy weightlifting followed by a 30-minute run. I suppressed my yawning. At least the wine was good. The second 50 % of the date he talked about the online shop selling fake Rolex’s he was going to arranged.

I asked if it wasn’t illegal to sell fake goods, but he was able to ignore that question, in addition to everything else I was saying. He started texting me already when I was walking home. Not only one text, but several, he wanted to know what I really thought about him. He begged me to be honest because he was the form of man that doesn’t have a problem with feedback. Before I had time to answer he send me another message saying he was constantly working on improving himself. I replied that he was indeed nice (I didn’t have the energy to give him honest feedback), but that I didn’t feel the spark. A line I admittedly had used before.

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He texted me that I was not his type anyway.

I keep walking. I got a second text, he just wanted to let me know that I would become really hot if I started working out. I do work out, which he would have found out if he had asked me any questions. And after that, he sends me one more message asking if I wanted to get a watch. A Rolex. Not only did I unmatch him. I deleted the app. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox!

Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook4Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Online Dating Tagged in: Tinder dating Valentine’s Day is coming, exactly like Winter was coming. Ned Stark was right and so is Cupid. If you’re single, the day may bum you out a little. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t get all “sad faced” over the singular prospects of V-Day. 8 Fabulous Reasons Singles Should Embrace Valentine’s Day – Some people love the feeling of being independent and not dependent on anyone else with regards to their pleasure.    – There’s something liberating about not worrying about Valentine’s expectations and simply concentrating on yourself instead.   – There’s no pressure to produce the “perfect” Valentines Day gift. If you’re in a relationship, you can’t escape the fact that you’re expected to buy something for that significant other in your life.    – Being single guarantees that you don’t have to worry about what the other person’s expectations for the day are.   – You can enjoy that Valentines Day candy in yoga pants, a way more content option than doing so in a little black dress.   – Relationships are time consuming. Being single, it is possible to prioritize your friends and activities without the constant struggle to balance out your relationship with the other aspects of your daily life.   – You’re confident in the fact that you’re not with the wrong person. Maybe Mr. Right will pop up in the next year. At least you know that you’re not wasting your time with Mr. Wrong. – As a single, you are able to get more alone time.

 Time alone to think and refresh makes you a more energized and engaged person with day-to-day activities.   5 Great Ways to Celebrate Being Single on Valentine’s Day Valentines Day celebrates love, right? And love comes in many forms. You love your household, friends and family, and most importantly, YOU. Here are five great Valentines Day activities that celebrate love!   – Interested in taking up yoga? Want to learn how to play the drums? Wish you could become a fashion blogger? Find love in a new hobby!

Do something you haven’t done before or seldom get to accomplish because of your schedule.   – Schedule a spa day. Get a massage, a facial, or a pedicure with some of your other single friends.   – If you really just want to go on a Valentine’s date, but haven’t had much luck on your own personal, give online dating a whirl. There are numerous different web sites to choose from. For additional safety and comfort, make use of a background checking service to check out your potential love interest.   – Show those you care about how much you love them. Make cookies and homemade Valentines Day cards and deliver them to friends and family. Guaranteed in full it’ll be the best part of your day.   – Have a party and invite friends over for wine and cheese. Have everyone bring over a Valentines Day themed dessert. Every person may be dressed in pink or red. Play fun games like Truth or Dare and sing karaoke. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook3Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Online Dating, Self  the newest year is well under way and Christmas is all but a distant memory, meaning only one thing: Valentine’s Day is almost upon us once more. That’s right, the day for lovers hits again on 14th February and couples the world over are hoping to celebrate in style.

If you’re struggling for a solution to say I love you want never before, have you thought to take the plunge and book a romantic getaway for two? Here are the best destinations that all starcrossed lovers are sure to enjoy.   Paris, France You might think that a Valentine’s break in Paris is nothing greater than a wellworn cliché, but there’s a reason that this city will continually be described as the most romantic on earth: because it is! Nonetheless many times you visit the City of Light, Paris will forever have that little je ne sais quoi towards love that just isn’t matched by anywhere else in the Whether it’s the romantically renaissance buildings or the winding cobbled streets, it’s the perfect excuse for candlelit dinners overlooking the river Seine or sky-high flutters atop the Eiffel Tower. There’s no denying it, Paris is a city that promises all the ingredients for the ultimate Valentine’s Day rendezvous. Image source Top tip: Paris’ 7th arrondissement is home not just of the infamous Eiffel Tower, but also to the most luxury of Parisian lifestyles. If you would like certainly pamper your Valentine in the City of Light, treat them to one of the many stunning accommodations in the 7th arrondissement.

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  Istanbul, Turkey Perhaps no other city on earth encapsulates the cultural harmony of East meeting West quite like Istanbul. As exotic as it is frenetic, this Eurasian city is steeped in beautifully historic mosques and treasure-trove bazaars with colourful sights, sounds and smells greeting you on every corner. Nevertheless spend your time in Istanbul, sharing the unparalleled experience of this undeniably unique city with the one you love provides the perfect chance to create memories together that will last a lifetime. Image source Top tip: If you’d like to slow down the pace for a few hours, catch an early morning ferry to the nearby Princes’ Islands. Motorised traffic is banned, leaving the islands blissfully quiet and meaning that romantically strolling hand-in-hand is order of the day.   Cartagena, Colombia If you’re willing to push the boat out for a little Latin lovin’, you can’t make a mistake with South America’s most romantic city: Cartagena. A unique fusion of Spanish history and Latin passion combine with the year-round sunshine of the caribbean coastline to produce Cartagena a fairytale city like no other. Aided by the colonial buildings dating back to the port city’s founding in 1533, Cartagena is a maze of cobbled alleys and palm-tree lined plazas, peaking in the beautifully preserved elegance of the UNESCO World Heritage’s Old Town. Share a romantic horse and carriage ride across town or take a moonlit stroll along the ancient city wall, Valentine’s Day in Cartagena is sure to leave you feeling hot-blooded. Image source Top tip: For a bonding experience like no other, nearby Volcán de Lodo El Totumo is a mud-bath found inside a volcano, renowned for its healing properties. The mineral-rich mud inside is so dense that bathers cannot sink and instead float happily together in its therapeutic power. It’s best booked as a day tour from Cartagena Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook1Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships Tagged in: valentines day Today we have a new ‘Ask the Urban Dater’ question from @majortwitts: I need your perspective: My ex sent a “hi hope U R OK” msg this morning. This after +5years of no contact whatsoever. My reply:” fine thx… ”  — Why do men try this?

Well, Major Hottie Potottie, there are a quantity of factors why exes of your past sometimes pop up.  So what does it mean? In talking with female friends and my girlfriend on this topic and some of my other male friends, we more or less compiled this list: He was a dick to you and desires to make amends for his jerkish ways – Everyone knows that relationships take a lot of work; they just do. Duh!  Perhaps your ex made you feel like crap and broke up with you buy making you clean their place after a party.  Sometimes they just want to reach out to you because, well, they feel accountable for the crappy way they treated you. They want to reach out and fondle someone – It could be as simple as hormones.  Sure, we break up with people for various reasons.  If none of those reasons are poor sex then game on.  That is, even though you put an ex out of mind, there are those times, when you’re needing it, that you’ve probably thought about your ex doing things to you which can be illegal in five states and would win you some amateur porn awards. Why can’t we be friends? I’ve been that guy, reaching out to an ex to maintain a friendship.  It’s natural to friends with an ex, provided the terms of the breakup weren’t horrid, or they didn’t cheat on you or something like that.  Hopefully we make wise choices on those we let into our weird little world.

  If they get it and understand it; they understand you and, really, who safer to be friends with!  Sure, it doesn’t always work this way, but I’ve maintained communication and friendship with a quantity of exes as I’ve grown over the years. There are a ton of other reasons, like you have something of theirs that they want, but, frankly, no one gives a damn about those things.  When you can, make an effort to maintain an open mind and see how it plays out.  Nonetheless, if it turns out that that is something that just doesn’t work for you, then avoid answering altogether.  Nonetheless, if you are, in fact, within the ex, then throw some gang signs and say “wassup!” Stay classy San Diego. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook1Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Opinion, Tips & Advice Tagged in: communication, exes Being a pervert is something that many folks I know chalk up to being delightfully tacky, like Hooters. It’s either that, or we think a pervert is a person who watches way too much porn and probably whacks off way too much. At least this is what was relayed to me in not so many words in recent weeks.

There’s good and bad with all things and being a pervert is no exception. Nonetheless, i might offer that being a pervert really is art form. Truly. A new Diversion into Perversion… Sextuality. I’m a perverted guy. I have kinks that I’m into. If I see you wearing certain clothes, I’ll want to rip them off your body with my mouth and fuck you, whether it’s on my car, in a restroom or in a park. It doesn’t matter. There’s nothing wrong with that. Being attuned to our own sexuality and what turns us on is an art form, too, but that’s not what I’m getting at. It’s one thing to feel dirty; to “see” dirty, but it’s quite another to convey the “dirty bird” within. I’d say this past year has been an eye-opener for me in that regard. I’ve opened myself up more and shared more about what I want from women sexually…and to my surprise I’ve gotten it. Looks have little to do with it; I’m pretty average looking. It’s about confidence; it’s about what’s within you and being “okay” with it and then having the courage to let people know about it.

About a year and a half ago I met a gal, a fantastic gal and she didn’t live all that close to me. It didn’t work out, but before we got there, we shared some moments over the internet. Now, you might be thinking, “Oh, you must have Skyped.” No. What I did was all via email. I might email her and tell her what I wanted to do to her body and I had sent several such messages. Each response from her was proof that I was going in an excellent direction, so I kept at it. She had told me how hot those messages were. I’m not a great writer, but dangerously capable I think is a fair assessment. I could string some words together and let a woman know what I wanted from her. That was the first woman I composed something like that for. As I think back, I did feel comfortable with her and she made me feel that way.

I believe that helped ease any reservations I had about such a thing. I’d do not delay – send other such messages to a few women here and there, some are good female friends and some were just women I met online. I was told repeatedly “You must be writing books on this shit.” Now, I know this appears like I’m stroking my ego here, but I feel after some time has passed and I’ve done this enough I can tell you that I could probably cause you to wet with merely my words, either written in some recoverable format or on a screen. How to Talk Dirty aka Sexting 101 It starts with being okay with your brand of perversion. That’s where it starts. Then a next thing that helps is a healthy imagination, I think. I don’t reference any “educational materials” when I write what I write. Mentally, I’m totally engaged. The imagination is a wonderful and powerful thing.

With it, it is possible to blow someone’s mind from thousands of miles away while making them shudder as though you were right next to them, stroking them in manners they always wanted you to. Connection. This, I feel, is where a line may be drawn. If you don’t have some feelings for the other person, doing this becomes much more difficult. Because sex is often more than just a fuck fest; there’s emotions of all sorts in there, too. It doesn’t have to be love, necessarily but you do need to connect on some level, even if it’s only superficial. It’s something, at least! Being bold…sexting or talking dirty via text is no place for being shy, unless it’s “all part of the act,” you see. Some people love a good develop; setting the scene. Are you in a theater? Are you at the bar? Are you at a restaurant?

Does setting the scene matter to you and special someone? Talking about where you’re at is good! An ex and I would talk about meeting up at a bar, as strangers and pick up on one another so we could just sort of fuck each other as strangers. It was dirty, slutty and perverted. We both enjoyed the notion of it. Sometimes, though, someone just desires to get right into it… And when that happens, you just kind of go into it. Obviously, the only picture I needed to paint was my cock in this girl’s vagina and other assorted places. So I got down to business and started to write. I was graphic and I didn’t hold back, and neither should you!

Being able to express ourselves sexually is paramount to our emotional well-being. We have been sexual beings and sexual urges, perversions or whatever you’d like to call them certainly are a part of who we have been. I feel like we have been often shamed into keeping our perversion to ourselves. And that’s no good! I think the biggest lesson I’ve used is simply the fact that it’s okay to be dirty and to share it. More times than not the right person for you will respond positively. So don’t be afraid to tell your special someone that you want to sit on their face.    So Did I Hook Up With Her? No! While this was all good-dirty fun, I had reservations about such a meeting informed by decades of making poor life choices. So, I passed on this offer. But, man, I could have gone for a BJ that night; my boner wasn’t likely to look after itself now, was it? Don’t Mince Fucking Words! Starz had a show called ‘Spartacus’ and one phrase I heard on the show often and loved was “Give voice to your desires and see them fulfilled.” In other words say what you fucking want! If you would like fuck someone, tell them how bad you wish to fuck them.

 Imagine you’re in a courtroom and the Judge is asking you “Now, tell the court where in actuality the bad man touched you.” It’s kind of like that, but not really.