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Friday, Nov 14, 2008

2002 AP Free-Response Issue #3 (Form B)

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First of all, you spelled “keep” wrong. merely throwing it there: )
Ok, I’d choose Frankenstein. i think. Dr . Frankenstein keeps his secret as they is scared of what people may well do to stop him. He wants the credit himself, but yet also understands that what he is carrying out may not be viewed as “ok” by many people. By choosing to keep this secret, Doctor Frankenstein permits almost all of the characters in the tale whom he loves to expire. I’d focus on that aspect first.
Then, I’d personally talk about the very fact that this individual refuses to represent his genuine feelings, because the creature he created desparately really wants to but cannot communicate with others. It is what drives him to eliminate (the secrecy of his existence).
This operate is mainly about the fact that overambition and hubris (as is seen by the keeping from the secret) destroy life. Likewise, if we want to check out it in an anti-mike approach, the creature is the feminist woman, looking to speak although not being noticed. By Frankenstein keeping the secret, he is declining to acknowledge or recognize the idea of the brand new woman. Guys are trying to retain off the identities of woman, and keep girls like Justine and At the who just repeat the actual men simply tell him. The secret more deeply represents this oppression.

In “The Awakening” by Kate Chopin, Edna goes on vacation with her spouse and relatives, where the girl falls in like with Robert. She will keep this a secret by those that know her mainly because her location in contemporary society would undergo if she didn’t adapt to “proper female conduct. ” When Robert goes away Edna is devastated. Edna does not explain the reason for her despair to any individual, but at some point Mademoiselle Reisz finds out and takes Edna under her wing. The truth that Reisz finds out is vital to the plot because she lures Edna into her apartment with letters coming from Robert, even while pushing Edna to become persistent woman. In my opinion that it is mainly due to Reisz’s influence upon Edna that Edna has an affair and moves out of her house. Several could argument that since Edna kept her like for Robert bottled up inside her that the lady committed suicide when he would not wait for her to return home.

Thanks, Kristen.
and you simply spelled “desperately” wrong. Simply throwing it in return at you!: )

Both very good responses so far!

okay, ok, mr. cianflone.

Mama Mia, a humorous musical perform, features a HUGE secret: it can be days ahead of Sophie Sheridan’s marriage and her mother Donna features yet to share her whom her biological father is usually! Donna was involved with three men, Mike, Harry, and Bill about the same period that the girl became pregnant. Since Donna herself does not know in whose child Sophie is, her daughter’s father is never exposed. Donna’s humiliation and perhaps dread that she is going to encourage Sophie to adopt a wild way of living may bring about her decision to guard the ability of her love affairs. It is also possible that Donna is afraid that Sophie can look down upon her if perhaps she produces in light her questionable tendencies.

Sophie in the end learns of her mom’s relationships via reading her diary. The secret’s coverage signifies Sophie’s attempt to fulfill a gnomon within her soul along with paves just how for the play’s use of seite an seite secrets. Because Donna continue to be think that Sophie has no hint about the boys, Sophie attracts all three of those to her wedding party without sharing with her mother. Eventually, both equally women discover what the additional was holding, and their appreciate for one one more simply augments, communicating that no secret is large enough to destroy the bond between mother and daughter. Revealing their secrets makes every a more robust person separately as well, showing that adding one’s greeting cards on the table is actually a liberating, rather than an suppressing experience.

In the actual article, I would expand on the previous points by simply including certain scenes that relate to the causes for keeping the secrets and exactly how they designed the central messages of Mama Mia.

Well as we simply finished “Hamlet”, I’d state Hamlet. He previously to keep the trick of the particular mixtures ghost informed him in order to revenge his father’s death. He couldn’t tell any person instead he previously to act angry. Claudius could not know in the beginning because he were required to take him by surprise. But then he lets Claudius find out he is aware of in the enjoy scene leading them to challenge and leads claudius to feel accountable and select not to repent, damning his soul. So Hamlet will keep the secret and releases discreetly in the play at exactly the right minute to reveal Claudius’s involvement and it sets him around the offensive, helping to make him just dig himself a more deeply hole in hell(trying to have Hamlet murdered in London, putting Laertes up to killing Hamlet and poisoning the wine). I think this kind of essay can go very in-depth studying how the plot would have transformed if he had revealed it at a different sort of time or maybe a different way, what will Claudius did if this individual wasn’t weird? What if he had never told but acquired just killed Claudius inside the night in secret, would he are becoming king? Might he end up being tormented by remorse or accept the vengeance excuse? The play could have gone in many different and distinct guidelines had Hamlet made different choices relating to the secret lurking behind his chaos.

Good ones so far. I’m surprised someone hasn’t undertaken “The Dead” yet! Anyone interested?

In the “Scarlet Letter” Dimmesdale is forced to keep your fact that he can Pearl’s dad a magic formula. As Dimmesdale-once a young and moving minister-begins to waste materials away and experiences a heart attack because of psychological stress, the audience, and characters in the novel are more and more suspicious of Dimmesdale’s purity. When Chillingworth discovers a mark upon Dimmesdale’s upper body, all the accusations are affirmed and it is presumed that Dimmesdale is Pearl’s father. By keeping this top secret inside, Dimmesdale is eliminating himself and depriving his daughter of her daddy. I would concentrate on the effects the secret had on Dimmesdale bodily and emotionally, and how his refusal to acknowledge his sin written for the waste and embarassment associated with his actions.

We would choose The Wonderful Gatsby, seeing that almost all the characters’ lifestyles are created due to secrets they help keep. Gatsby, although, probably has the most to get rid of or gain depending on if he retains his secrets. If anyone recognized he was certainly not the man this individual appeared to be, his hopes to be with Daisy would fade. He likewise would not have the lavish way of living of the upperclass society. He ultimately triggers his personal death by not uncovering that Daisy was the person who was driving the car that killed Myrtle. No one yet Nick at any time really finds all of what Gatsby had hidden. I might probably focus on how Gatsby kept secrets to alleviate his status in society, gain the woman this individual loved, and overall discover the American Dream. But , his corruption destroys him as he is left with out Daisy’s love and the persons he put in so long looking to impress acquired no care for him. He took his secrets to the grave, but nothing to else.

Is the “anti-mike” point a shot in me?

Good Cianflone, I am just gonna consider you through to “The Lifeless. ” Really not gonna be that good but what the hi there.

The major magic formula kept in Joyce’s “The Dead” is a death of Gretta’s dear lover Jordan Furey. Gretta’s overbearing control-freak husband Gabriel is not made mindful of the fact that she got another appreciate until a particular song will remind Gretta of Michael. Gabriel who seamlessly puts together and adores Gretta intended for no different reason than to be able to control her cannot fathom just how she can love one more. He is truly not her “master” in just about any sense as they can not control her feelings. The exposing of Gretta’s secret causes Gabriel to have epiphany. He compares having less passion distributed between himself and his partner Gretta to that particular of the endless passion Gretta still holds for a extended dead lover. He concludes that he can not much of husband, being a man just before him gave his existence on Gretta’s behalf. Gabriel tries to appear sensible of what “real love” is. This individual feels a need to embrace a new “attitude” toward his wife Gretta.

In the big scheme of things, the key is a real whack to Gabriel’s character. In the dinner speech, he claims it is vital not to remain in the past. The storyplot of Eileen Furey shows that of all persons his personal wife is living in days gone by, for a guy other than him self. Gabriel is additionally forced to understand that ironically the dead Jordan Furey much more alive than he ever before has been. Universally, this performs into one from the major themes of Dubliners: paralysis. The living and dead happen to be essentially inseparable and no difference because they are blanketed by the same paralysis. All of Ireland can be struck by same umbrella of slipping snow-both Gabriel and the serious of Michael jordan Furey.

everybody talking about necessary books perform anyof you read good books to keep things interesting?
I’d personally have to say Pride & Prejudice and the figure would be Mr. Dacy he’s a man of many secrets all of which he does not reveal untill the perfect instant to make At the feel thus guilty the lady falls in take pleasure in with him ( i know aweful)
first this individual does not let her in on the boltzmann’s constant fact that he is self conscious and is at fact rather nervous in the ball untill after this wounderful woman has been irritating
and later on his big seacret of he has done for her is definitely not exposed untill this individual ives her the page, and now i am a little foggy but i actually don’t think he even tells her this individual loves her untill later which is the truth is a huge top secret of his!

Iago applied secrecy in the play “Othello”-which obviously was the premise in the play and has a big impact with the overcome at the end. He fools Othello, Desdemona, and Emilia, and almost all others in the play as he drawn to gain electrical power. He retains his hatred for Othello to him self and increases his full trust. Iago’s plot sooner or later leads to the deaths of three of the main character types. To address the prompt, I would first talk about the fact that how Iago’s secrets result in the fatalities and almost certainly how they at some point lead to Cassio’s (I think) gain of power.

I wish it don’t have to be in regards to a well known/classic book. I just read a wonderful novel when i was being ill and it will apply to this so well yet it’s not renowned and printed in 19 languages so. I will talk about the ever-cliche’ Romeo & Juliet.

Obviously the best secret from this tragedy is usually love among Romeo & Juliet. Their particular starcrossed fate is the impetus for the dangerous incidents that develop throughout the demonstrate. Their love, when found out, pits the 2 families against eachother a lot more. Romeo stresses the relationship simply by murdering Tybalt, and the Capulets hit him hard together with the slaying of Mercutio. The nurse and priest obtain tangled in the clutter simply by getting the nearest to each in the characters. All of the secrets which might be kept by simply R&J and eventually the nurse & priest as well are what however end up eliminating them. If they didn’t have to hide their love, pretend to die and escape they will would’nt possess actually ended up being killing themselves.

By keeping the secrets and making almost everything such a problem they set themselves up for what occurred.

If I was truly writing about this intended for an AP Essay I’d personally probably have written about Hamlet but I think it’d become loser-ish to talk about on in this article considering Brenda already did.

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