How to Land a DATE with a F-Boy

How to Land a DATE with a F-Boy

You open your Facebook or any other social networking page and chances are that you will observe a large amount of people in your friend list uploading pictures of one place or another. While many like to just go and connect with nature by visiting remote locations not known by many, then there are some that will visit the most preferred holiday destinations on earth. One city that attracts travellers from all across the world is Dubai. It really is one place which includes everything to offer travellers and wanderers of the world. If you are among those souls who cannot understand why so many people cringe to travel every now and then, then the points mentioned below will surely help you pack your bags and go on a long journey. You Might Find Some Amazing People individuals crave for friends and interesting company.uberhorny armaniknight While hanging out in bars can be an exciting solution to indulge in some no strings attached flings, the best time to produce new friends is when you explore a city. You may not really know the other person yet you somehow connect because of your likes and dislikes. You may not care for who these are typically or which fragment of the world they participate in. The fact that you two have started talking and not bored is probably the first sign hat you should remain in touch with the other person. Travelling Keeps Your Mind Fresh Five days a week (six for some) you devote every ounce of your energy trying to make an impression on your bosses.

similar schedule you follow rusts the human brain having its monotony. Humans were not supposed to be some bots which can be programmed to function in the same way week after week, year after years. There should be some type of a break to recharge your exhausted batteries. Travelling provides the perfect solution to get away from the rat race and let your mind be free from the rigors of your daily schedule. You will find New Meaning to Life A bit philosophical but yes, travelling can give a new meaning to your daily life. When you travel and see others way of life, it somehow can get you thinking. The biggest question which might make you introspect can be “What is the purpose of my life?” Questions like these cause you to introspect, cause you to realize the futility of your nonchalant actions which do not affect your daily life but somehow shape up your destiny. Travelling can put things into perspective and help you get a deeper meaning of life. The Challenges which can be Involved Some prefer the safe option of visiting the most popular holiday destination and then there are some thrill seeking adventurers who go find new places that might frighten the rest.

The challenge involved in these places is something that calls for all wanderers to be there. Only when you accomplish those challenges can you connect and answer questions such as “Why you put yourself in danger?” and many more. Life is all about overcoming difficulties. The method that you overcome those challenges is something you learn by putting yourself in the face of danger. Travelling can be one fun activity to realize your true potential. All in all, travelling is fun. Travelling can help you put your past behind and start a new phase of life. You will find your love and experience some of the best of the world and come back stronger and replenished to manage various challenges in life with new found enthusiasm. SSO, stop being a lazy bum and plan your next vacation without any delay and never forget to implement those plans. Whether you are looking for a hook ups or in a quest to find your soul mate, travelling can be super fun when being associated with someone. Image source = Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook14Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships Tagged in: beautiful place, love, Travel Source: Well, here we have been. Two Thousand and Muther F*ckin’ Thirteen. The Mayans got it wrong and now we have a whole new year to put things in perspective. Things have continued to go well here, at the Urban Dater and 2012 has seen a number of important changes through the year.

 i might say this post might be more interesting to other bloggers, not so much our readers. So I’m going to speak about some of my observations and insights. Changes One intriguing change that I’ve seen is an uptick in guest article submissions from fellow bloggers and also content marketers. As we know from recent Google updates Penguin and Panda  that fresh, interesting and frequently updated content will be rewarded.

3 Signs your Man Is Thinking About Other Women

We’ve definitely seen a surge in organic figures from search, in particular from Google after these updates were pushed through.Also, I’ve observed that if your content is featured on a content-rich site, like the Urban Dater, the links back to an individual’s own site carry a high value, too. This combined with the updates by Google will continue to drive content creators (bloggers and the like) to create more awesome content and to feature guest content as well. Miss Taylor Cast Moves on…  As she affectionately put it “the husband and wife blogging duo…” Truer words. There is absolutely no doubt that Taylor’s contributions to the Urban Dater will be forever sensed. Her brand of brassy will continually be appreciated and respected. She began a journey a few years ago aided by the Urban Dater and that led her to New York City where she lived and found her prince charming and also the joys of being a “mommy-to-be.” The news that she was engaged AND preggers floored me. But that’s Taylor. You never know what to expect from her. I wish her and her family well. You are awesome and thank you! =) Readership I’d expected that individuals would have exceeded our readership over last year, but we didn’t. We had 268k unique visits in 2011, as opposed to 278k in 2010.

A drop-off of about 5.45%. Bummer. There’s a few things that I’m able to attribute this to: For about a month, from early September 2012 until mid-October, we were experiencing some server issues with an internal script we were running, which led to a rash of 500 errors aka internet site not available. at the low point, we’d seen 26 visits in a given day. Ouch! We slacked. Pure and simple. We weren’t generating lot of content and the site was suffering for Less organic traffic, less per-page views; everything sucked! A-Hole Factoid Contributing to less readers: No Golden Girls “left” us this year. Whenever there’s a story about them traffic on this site surges… Weird. Right? The good news is that over the past two months, we’ve exceeded our traffic figures over 2011. Why? That’s due in part to my 30 day blog challenge… Which I failed. Miserably. Not only that, but a surge in guest posts helped with those figures also.

Revenue? For a quantity of bloggers, they would like to create content and get paid for it. The truth is that this is easier said than done. And, at least, we’d like to cover our expenses. Hosting the Urban Dater isn’t cheap… But in 2010 the Urban Dater has actually made a few bucks and most of it offers come within the last 4 months. The figures below are a tally for the entire year. Affiliate Ads – Affiliate sales aren’t something we really push around here… But I may do more with it, with products I use around here… Because I make use of a lot!  $222.70 Sponsored Content – With more content marketers wanting to push topic-specific quality content, we’ve received a TON of inquiries. Some marketers don’t want to pay for sponsored posts. But we always charge for sponsored content and recommend that our fellow bloggers do similar. If you work as hard on your site as I do, you then deserve to have paid for it. $2,175 Display/Text Link Ads – For some reason Google thinks I’m an A-hole and the Urban Dater is blocked from Adsense, so we can’t display adsense ads on the webpage. Booooo! And there’s no way I will get to have my set un-blocked. It’s been truly frustrating.

nonetheless, my search for display advertisers has brought me to Infolinks and VigLink. Two decent providers that have was able to pay out better than I thought in two months’ time. $145.33 Ad Networks – We partner with a couple Blogger companies and enjoy the projects that come our way, but would like to see more in 2013. Lots of the companies are geared at women… But I’d like to see more geared toward the guys and right now, I don’t see any. Less than 1k In all, I’d love to start to see the Urban Dater up its readership, traffic and revenue and I think we’re in a good position to do that. I think we’ll look toward this New Year and kick it right in the beans! Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook2Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Asides, Featured Tagged in: 2013, new year I deal with a lot of questions from new singles every single day and the one thing that connects them all is a lack of confidence. Their worries when it comes to dating are always centred around what they’re doing wrong or why they’ve failed in the past. This dating game can be hard, and repeated failures will grind anyone down. But the one thing that these people ever realise is that they have a flawed perspective of their self worth.

Whether their relationship has just ended or they have been single for a while, the majority of people without partners think that they’re doing something wrong because they haven’t found anyone yet. The one thing that is true of all singles is that every relationship they’ve had up to that point has failed. But this is true for thousands of people all over the world, and it’s not because everyone is ‘doing it wrong’.

A Date with the Urban Dater

They just haven’t found a completely compatible person–yet! Nonetheless, I know this really isn’t incredibly helpful to those looking for genuine advice, so I’ve laid out a few pointers that should help you on your journey. The sole Person You Need is You prior to going stir-crazy over finding the right guy or gal, your top priority should be making sure you’re at peace with yourself. If you don’t feel complete or whole, filling that void with someone else will not make you feel better, at least not in the long-term. Although we often yearn for someone to spend those long, cold nights with, being single isn’t a bad thing. Learning to enjoy your own company has a lot of benefits when you arrive at finding a partner, as if the passion takes over and you’re spending every waking minute together, you’re going to need some alone time and energy to stay sane. Have No Fear Worried that online dating isn’t for you? Try it anyway; there are literally millions of happy couples that wouldn’t have met without online dating sites.

Heard some horror stories about speed dating? Forget them and see what happens. If you’ve been seeing the wrong people every one of these years, it might be time to change the way you meet them. What’s the worst that could happen anyway? Trust Your Instincts You’re the star of your own show, and the only one who knows the full story. Friends and family or family may not like your new partner, but you’re smart enough to produce your own decisions. This works both ways too; sometimes your household will warm to a person who you know isn’t good enough for you. Follow your guns, no matter what anyone says! Don’t Let Your Past Spoil Your Future We’ve all been through relationships we’d rather forget. Some of us have been cheated on, lied to, betrayed or simply abandoned, and it’s all too an easy task to think If I stop trying to meet up with anyone new, I can’t get hurt again. As true as this is, you’re not just protecting yourself from pain; you’re eliminating any potential for joy. This may cause you to cringe, but try thinking back once again to that bad relationship from early in the day. Try thinking past the bitter ending and to the good times you had. There will definitely have been laughter, excitement and passion, but these things quickly get forgotten as soon as your last exchange was a huge argument. When you feel strong enough, go back out there and start the hunt again. You’ll get to experience all those positive feelings once more, and hopefully without the sour ending from last time.

Know When to Say Goodbye Contrary to all the advice you will hear with regards to dating, i might say the greatest ability it is possible to learn is always to know when to end a relationship. Whether it’s after 1st two dates when you’ve got no chemistry, or much later as soon as your connection has no signs of recovery, you need to have the foresight to put a partnership out of its misery if the time comes. This may seem harsh, but it’ll save yourself lot of pain for both of you further down the line. Don’t Worry, Be Happy The best piece of advice I give anyone struggling to find a match is to just have a great time! Dating is supposed to be an enjoyable, social occasion, not a stressful thing you loathe doing. If you find dinner awkward, go with coffee; if you hate the movies, go to your favourite bar instead. There aren’t any rules when it comes to dating, it’s all about having a good time and getting to know each other. Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook0Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Online Dating Tagged in: dating advice, dating tips, Online Dating No, it isn’t photoChop! Chef Dan is indeed amazing he can cook himself into greyscale whilst lighting stuff on fire in RGB!!! Crazy, right? It’s about to get all sorts of tasty up in this place, kids! We’re continuing our features of different Chefs who focus on romantic culinary goodness. The following is part one of a two-article series on how to prepare and serve a romantic meal at home by Chef Dan Moody, The RelationChef.

Please check back on 10/8/2010 to read part two of this informative article. PART I: The Menu To prepare and serve a romantic meal at home, you don’t need the world’s greatest equipment or skills in the kitchen. While you probably wish you remembered more of the table manners about which your mother used to scold you at the dinner table, you don’t need perfect table manners (though it certainly wouldn’t hurt your case). You don’t have to know on which side of the plate the fork and knife go (left & right, respectively). You don’t have to be a master DJ. You don’t even have to know how to decorate room like the people you see on HGTV. You have something far more important than all of that: your own unique personality. If your significant other loves YOU, then this is the most important attribute of all: something in which you have no competition from anyone else. The key to romance, I think, is intimacy. There are so several things that intimacy can mean within a relationship. With regards to preparing a meal for your significant other at home, I think that, beyond the act itself (which is inherently intimate & romantic), there was one goal you need to have in mind to make a certainly special, intimate, romantic meal: Show your significant other that you paid attention to their likes and dislikes, and that you’re attempting to cater to those. In other words: Show your significant other that you care. It’s really that simple. How do you create a menu that shows you care? Choosing Your Menu KISS: Keep It Simple, Seducer!

Is there a dish you’ve made before your significant other particularly liked? Do they such as a particular protein (Beef, Chicken, Fish)? Do they such as a particular vegetable? I know this sounds too simple, but just make what they like, and in the simplest way possible – a way you are sure to not get wrong. Usually do not go through cookbooks finding the most complicated dish that you can find, or something with a fancy sounding name. And while it might show that you’ve listened to your significant other to attempt a dish they’ve said they’ve always wanted to try, do not ever attempt a dish you’ve never made before on the night of your date, unless you’re content to risk ending up with take-out from a local restaurant. Most importantly, should you choose make a mistake in the cooking process, don’t discuss it, unless the meal is inedible (and, in cases like this, this is when you call an “audible” and go the take-out route). There is nothing more romance-killing than being apologetic about the fact that you’ve made some cooking mistake when you’re trying to create a romantic atmosphere. Fight your should apologize for not being perfect; to paraphrase Will Rogers “We’re all imperfect, only in different ways.” (Personal note: If you’re cooking for a person who you know is a better cook than you, USUALLY DO NOT say this phrase before placing every dish in the front of him or her: “I know this isn’t as good as you could do, but…” It is a real romance-killer. This also goes to mothers if you’re cooking for someone your son or daughter brings home, who you know to be a excellent cook. It ruins the meal for that person, because they feel like they’ve made you insecure and feel inadequate.) Signup for Our Newsletter Get Us in Your Inbox! Online Dating, Sex, and Relationship Advice Tips in Your Inbox… Follow @theurbandater Like this:Like Loading… Share This Article Facebook4Tweet0Pin0 Posted in: Dating & Relationships, Tips & Advice Tagged in: cooking, romance, romantic dinner As a relationship coach who frequently talks to single men in the city about what qualities they seek in women, I have a rare insight into what men are certainly looking for on a first date. More importantly, I know what the higher quality men out there are looking for the first time they meet someone.

the main element words are, quality. Landing men who are lower on the totem pole is straightforward. These types of men are so very happy to have a date, that women could literally ignore them for two hours, and these men will call them again. But for men which can be in high demand and have some substance, this is simply not the case. Quality men want more than just a pretty face. After much discussion with men of all ages, i’ve found that single guys tend to look for the following ten things when meeting women for a first date. 1. Give us a warm welcome. When you greet us, don’t reach out your hand for a handshake. This makes us feel as if we have been about to enter business meeting. A hug isn’t only more friendly, but show that you’re more emotionally open to the possibility of a romantic partnership. Setting the tone of the date in early stages is important. 2. Avoid rapid fire questioning. Asking question after question without allowing the conversation to flow naturally is unacceptable.

it really is understandable that there is a lot you may want to know about us, but let these answers come out with time. We have been here to have fun, never to feel as if we have been under the microscope and trying to prove ourselves. 3. Offer to pay for something. Offering to pay for something isn’t about us being cheap, or wanting to shift gender roles. Most men won’t even take the amount of money that is being offered. But we do want to see you at least reach for that purse. It reveals that you are a generous and giving person, something that we have been hoping will translate into the method that you function on future dates. 4. Don’t tell me about your ex-boyfriend. Dropping one or two lines about how long your last relationship was is okay. But don’t get into details or the relationship, or we are going to suspect you are still clinging on to the past.

Save the reasons why you both broke up for a future date and focus on the moment, not the disappointing past. 5. Put the phone away. Taking out your mobile phone on a first date is ok for one reason only; to answer a friend or family member that is making sure you are safe. Using your phone any more than that on a first date is merely rude, childish, and a major red flag. 6.