Advance loan – Loans – Bank Millennium – Logging directly into Millenet

Advance loan – Loans – Bank Millennium – Logging directly into Millenet

Logging directly into Millenet

Login for customers of previous eurobank

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Borrow cash on the cheap with 0 commission that is PLNAPR 7.68%)

For each and every 5000 PLN borrowed, you will definitely only pay 100 PLN monthly instalment

The promotion “100 zl raty za kazde 5 000 zl pozyczki IV edycja” is valid till 10.04.2020 and pertains to uninsured money loans awarded for the amount of 60 months with add up to be disbursed underneath the contract PLN 5000 or PLN 10 000 or PLN 15 000 or PLN 20 000. The advertising can be acquired to clients whom didn’t have a loan or consolidation loan within the Bank one year prior to the right time of publishing the application form and declare the income tranfer for present acount. The advertising: might not be coupled with other promotions cash that is concerning; it could be taken only once during its legitimacy also it will not protect loans for repayment of other credit services and products.

Detailed stipulations associated with the advertising are found in “100 zl raty za kazde 5 000 zl pozyczki IV edycja” laws for sale in Millennium branches as well as on Details concerning maxims of giving loans are included in the laws on Loans awarded to people by Bank Millennium S.A. Charges, commissions and interest are charged prior to the money Loan Price List. The documents stated earlier can be found in Millennium branches and on The financial institution evaluates the Applicant’s credit ability and worthiness for a case-by-case foundation prior to giving the mortgage; in justified instances it might will not give it

Credit cost and legal note

0 PLN payment

You only pay 100 PLN monthly for each 5000 PLN lent
Benefit from loan advertising (APR 7.68%):

    Apply conveniently online fixed instalment through the entire loan duration you are able to borrow as much as 20 000 PLN

Marketing rates

Look at your marketing instalment

Standard offer

Inside our offer we constantly provide:

    Quickly, conveniently in accordance with minimal formalities from 1 000 PLN as much as 150 000 PLN you take advantage of the Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee*

*If within 1 month after signing the mortgage contract you will find a less expensive offer with similar quantity and tenor after meeting the conditions described in the Loan Regulations with the Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee– we shall reduce your interest rate and will refund the difference on the interest already paid to us.
Credit expense and note that is legal

Secure Loan Insurance

Appealing insurance coverage Safe Loan will make sure support that is comprehensive your household in various unforeseen circumstances, such as for instance:

    Total incapacity to your workplace or impairment due to a major accident, short-term incapacity to get results or impairment due to a major accident, lack of work or hospitalization as a consequence of any sort of accident, serious infection, death.

See more information in the insurance coverage right right here

The most important thing, there is no need to find the dangers. Insurance package provides coverage in every the above mentioned occasions and changes immediately dependent on your expert situation and current pension/disability retirement entitlement.

Should some of the above unexpected circumstances happen, the Insurer can pay for you personally:

    Up to 12 instalments in the event that you are taken to hospital as a result of accident, even 36 instalments if you are temporarily unfit for work or 25% of the outstanding loan amount in case of death due to accident, the entire outstanding amount of the loan if you are fully unfit for work or 25% of the outstanding loan amount in case of disability as a result of accident, the entire outstanding amount of the loan in case of falling ill with one of serious diseases or in case of death if you lose work or up to 6 instalments.

In conclusion for the insurance coverage agreement is not difficult and convenient – it can take destination through the conclusion of a advance loan contract, and insurance coverage security starts the time following the loan is launched. The insurance coverage premium is 0.3% associated with the granted loan amount every month as well as for your convenience it really is put into the mortgage quantity. Discover more about the insurance coverage

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