Financial Aid Refunds

Financial Aid Refunds

Title IV federal aid that is financial immediately spend present 12 months institutional fees (for example. tuition, costs, space and board) or over to $200 of previous year charges that are institutional. Title IV federal educational funding will maybe not immediately spend non-institutional costs such as for example library fines, parking licenses, parking fines, and wellness center fees. Students may authorize the college to cover all non-institutional prices for the year that is current as much as $200 of previous 12 months non-institutional charges online via Duckweb. Students may still owe a balance to their payment account fully for previous 12 months fees or even for present year costs if authorization to pay for non-institutional fees with federal school funding is maybe maybe not provided. Some charges may still be present on the bill even though a refund was sent as a result. Pupils have the effect of reviewing their account and ensuring all costs are compensated because of the deadline.

To authorize the UO to make use of Title IV educational funding funds to non-institutional fees on the college payment account:

Enter Duckweb through the UO Homepage. Login along with your UO ID and PAC.

  • Choose Scholar Menu
  • Choose Title IV Authorization
  • Offer your authorization
  • Choose Save

To rescind your authorization or you have concerns, be sure to contact pupil Billing byemail or call (541) 346-3170.

Credit Balances & Refunds

Whenever aid that is financial scholarships exceed the allowable costs from the pupils billing account, the credit stability is going to be refunded to your pupil.

Dropping classes with educational funding

Dropping classes without educational funding

In the event that reimbursement is from a ____, college policy would be to _____. Refund is issued to ____.
ACTIVE PUPILS wait fourteen days* before refunding and must be required student**
wait fourteen days* before refunding and must be required student**
QuikPAY credit card should be required bank card useful for re re payment
wait until all aid that is financial are met student (unless Parent Loan is designated to be granted to parent – see below)
hold back until pupil is registered for full-time enrollment or before the week that is third of term student**
should be required student**
FORMER PUPILS reimbursement when per term unless requested earlier student**
reimbursement as soon as per term unless requested earlier student**
QuikPAY credit card reimbursement as soon as per term unless required previous charge card useful for payment

* The wait time before refunding individual repayments is to permit the payment to clear the financial institution.

** Refunds for individual checks are often given into the pupil, even though the tuition happens to be compensated by the Authorized Payer.

whenever are you going to get your reimbursement? When the reimbursement seems on the account, this dining dining table will inform you just how long before the refund will likely be delivered Direct Deposit or put in the mail.

Pupils can get refunds through Direct Deposit to their banking account. For everyone without Direct Deposit, an educational funding reimbursement check will undoubtedly be mailed. Because of this explanation, it is strongly recommended that students establish Direct Deposit and/or ensure that their mailing target is held present all of the time. For lots more information, please see the Announcement that is important above.

Subscribe to Direct Deposit today!

  • Login to Duckweb using your UO ID & PAC
  • Choose Scholar Menu
  • Choose Direct Deposit
  • Choose “Include New Direct Deposit”
  • Input your money information
  • Click “Employee Reimbursement and Scholar Refund”
  • Additionally click “Payroll Deposit” if you’re student worker
  • Choose Save

If you want support developing your direct deposit, please speak to your standard bank to verify routing or account figures. For those who have further concerns, please contactStudent Loans at (541) 346-3171.

Parent Loan Refunds

Parent Loans are disbursed towards the pupils account that is billing. If you find a mix of pupil school funding and a Parent Loan, the Parent Loan is placed on the pupils costs first.

If you find a credit stability all things considered costs have now been compensated, a reimbursement is given.

  • If the parent selected the pupil to get the reimbursement, the credit stability is likely to be refunded towards the pupil.
  • In the event that moms and dad chosen to get the reimbursement, the credit stability would be refunded to your student as much as the actual quantity of the pupils school funding. Any credit that is remaining may be refunded into the parent. Parent Loan refunds are mailed roughly the week that is second of term.

Tuition Refunds

Tuition refunds depend on the reimbursement routine in the Registrar’s site. Credits from fallen classesare postedto the pupil account thereby applying to virtually any unpaid fees on the account. The university policy is to hold refunds until after the last day to add classes for the term if the account has a credit balance.

Tuition and Fee Penalties are examined as soon as the pupil decreases his/her credit hours following the 7 th calendar time associated with the term. The penalty is a portion associated with tuition and/or charges owed from the classes which is why the pupil ended up being registered. Please view the reimbursement Schedule for dates and percentages of charges. This routine is present under Calendars in the Registrar’s internet site.

Extra information can be acquired from the Registrar’s internet site.

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